We make mirrors that change everyday life.

So that more people can enjoy smart styling
through Mirart

The “Mirart Beauty Shop Solution”
is convenient for both customers and designers.
Smart beauty service

Main functions and expected effects

  • Customer Management

    - Simple customer registration, detailed customer management
    - Customer data accumulated from recent visits, customer specific specifications and pre- and post-procedure data.
    - Follow-up management with treatment-specific notes, customer-specific photos, and treatment history management

  • Eyebrow simulation

    - Find the eyebrows that suit you through the AI simulation function
    - Eyebrow thickness, height, spacing, and color can be adjusted

  • Lip simulation

    - Find the lip color that suits you through the AI simulation function
    - Orange, red, pink color combination and concentration adjustment

  • Eyeliner simulation

    - Drawing eyeliner that suits you by adjusting the thickness of the pen.

  • SMP scalp simulation

    - Expected appearance after SMP treatment confirmed through AI simulation function
    - Possible to directly select the treatment area and adjust the density

  • Skin cover simulation

    - Post-treatment expectations with AI simulation capabilities
    - Identification of dermal layer pigmentation through skin diagnostic device connection

  • Nail simulation

    - Find the desired nail design using the AI simulation function
    - Nail design with various shapes and colors

  • Camera function

    - Easily take photos and videos with a built-in camera in a smart mirror
    - Easily share photos and videos taken with customers (QR code or KakaoTalk sharing)


Smart AI solution for intelligent you

  • Various AI-customized
    beauty virtual experience functions

    Will it suit you? Check out your predictions with AI simulation technology that you can check with just one click.

  • From simple customer registration
    to systematic customer management

    Start managing customers easily with a customer management system that allows you to check everything from recent visit history to customer-specific details and data before and after treatment.

  • Easy and convenient portfolio management

    Check out the gallery where you can collect and manage only photos and the history function where you can collect and manage your treatment consultation history grouped by customer/date.

Additional features and expected effects

  • Skin diagnosis

    - Continuous skin care through skin condition check and history storage
    *Only when synced with a skin diagnostic device

  • Decorate/Share

    - Decorate your photos to your heart's content and share them on your smartphone
    - Decorating function using brushes, stickers, filters, etc.