We make mirrors that change everyday life.

So that more people can enjoy
smart styling through Mirart

The "Mirart Hair Shop Solution"
is convenient for both customers and designers.
Smart beauty service

Main functions and expected effects

  • Customer management

    - Simple customer registration, detailed customer management
    - Check the date of last visit, frequency of visits, appointments, and treatment history
    - Follow-up management with customer-specific memos and photo management

  • Style Search

    - Style search using stylebooks, Pinterest, Naver searches, etc.
    - Save frequently used search keywords

  • Style virtual experience

    - Various and trendy hairstyles experienced through AR/AI simulation function
    - Easily adjust volume and length, remove bangs, and change hair color

  • Dyeing virtual experience

    - Virtual dyeing simulation experienced through AR/AI simulation function
    - Spectrum of about 100 kinds of colors, from natural to vivid

  • Mirror Mode

    - Treatment while simultaneously viewing the customer's reflection in the mirror and the searched photo on the screen

  • Watching videos

    - A variety of customer-customized videos enjoyed on a clear and large screen
    - YouTube, Naver TV, 3 domestic broadcasting companies, etc.

  • Camera function

    - Easily take photos and videos with a built-in camera in a smart mirror
    - Easily share photos and videos taken with customers (QR code or KakaoTalk sharing)

  • Marketing

    - Manage store announcements, promotional information, visits and treatment history with customer apps
    - Store promotion, reservation, and customer management that can be done with one app


Smart AI solution for intelligent you

  • Best hair simulation service
    in the market

    Will it suit me? Freely experience the hairstyle you were curious about. It might even lead to a procedure.

  • Services such as style exploration
    and customer management available

    From style searches through smart mirrors, not magazines, to customer information and treatment history management, all at once!

  • No boring waiting time!
    Services to improve the customer experience

    From YouTube to various other channels with a clear and big screen! Customized videos can entertain customers who are bored during waiting time.

Additional features and expected effects

  • Training video

    - Shares announcements or training videos that the head office wants to deliver to the franchises
    - Practice while watching the video and the mirror at the same time on the smart mirror

  • Advertising/

    - Promote the content you want to convey to your customers directly through the mirror
    - Possible to upload various photos and videos such as store business hours, treatment price lists, designer holidays, product promotion, etc.

  • Scalp diagnosis

    - Check your scalp condition with a big screen.
    - Continuous scalp management by checking hair loss, dead skin cells, and hair thickness
    *Only when synced with scalp diagnostic equipment

  • Decorate/Share

    - Decorate your photos to your heart's content and share them on your smartphone
    - Decorating function using brushes, stickers, filters, etc.