We make mirrors that change everyday life.

My smart AI beauty solution

Mirart is a smart mirror brand for customers who want a smarter AI beauty solution.
It is Mirrorroid's own brand that develops and services a smart mirror platform.

Mirart uses a mirror as a medium to spread various types of art,
provides customized AI beauty solutions through accurate customer needs analysis,
and will create a smarter next-generation beauty lifestyle.

Mirart's main competencies

  • AR/AI simulation

    Hair length, volume and detailed positioning
    Precise recognition of face and hair areas
    Baldness conversion technology
    Virtual dyeing experience
  • Smart mirror manufacturing and
    software development service

    In-house device design and manufacturing
    Development and service of various beauty solutions
    Development of features that reflect trends and customer needs
  • Continuous updates and
    fast maintenance/repair

    Services are kept up-to-date through continuous updates.
    Service improvement using store data
    Remote Assistance/Research and Development with an IoT Control System

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