We make mirrors that change everyday life.

So that more people can enjoy smart styling
through Mirart

The “Mirart Clothing Store Solution”
is convenient for both customers and designers.
Smart fitting service

Main functions and expected effects

  • Virtual Fitting

    - Virtual fitting with AI for clothes that are not in the store, or when it is just bothersome to try them on
    *This feature is currently under development.

  • Mirror Mode

    - Use the mirror mode to see yourself

  • Wearing shot comparison

    - Easily take a picture of yourself with a built-in camera in the mirror and compare clothes that suit you at a glance.
    - Check how you look from behind, which is hard to see in a normal mirror, through the video shooting function.

  • Product search

    - Search for popular store products directly in the mirror
    - Search for seasonal products, sale items, and popular products directly in the mirror

  • Shopping Cart

    - Put the products you like in the shopping cart for purchase
    - Compare the products in your shopping cart

  • FUN services

    - Keep customers entertained throughout their shopping hours
    - Various experiences to enjoy while waiting for friends, family, and significant other as they shop

  • Advertising/

    - Advertising video playback and promotion banner exposure through the mirror
    - Promote our stores and products to customers passing by
    - Promotional photos and videos that can be easily managed with a mobile phone


Smart AI solution for intelligent you

  • Search for popular store products
    directly in the mirror

    From seasonal products to popular products! You can search for various products directly in the smart mirror.

  • What kind of clothes would look good on you?
    Wearing shot comparison

    Even the view of how you look from behind, which is difficult to see with a regular mirror! You can take a photo of yourself wearing the clothes and compare the clothes that suit you at a glance.

  • Say goodbye to boring shopping time!

    You can enjoy a variety of FUN services while waiting for your friends, family, or significant others as they shop.