Terms of Use

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[Mirroroid Co., Ltd. Terms of Use]


Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to prescribe the rights, obligations, and other necessary matters in the terms and conditions of use and operation of all services provided by Mirroroid Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or the "Site").


Article 2 (Definitions of Terms)


The definitions of key terms used in these Terms of Use are as follows.

Member: A person who has registered as a member by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the service provided by the company and providing personal information, and who is a user who uses the service after signing a use contract. 

Use contract: A contract between the Company and a member in relation to the use of the service. 

Member ID (hereinafter “ID”): A unique combination of letters and numbers assigned to each member for member identification and use of member services. 

Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member to confirm that he/she is a member consistent with the ID given and to protect the his/her rights and interests. 

Operator: The operator who opens and operates the service. 

Termination: The cancellation of a use contract by a member.


Article 3 (Publication of the Terms of Use and Changes in Effect)


These Terms of Use become effective when posted on the Site. The Company may notify users of these Terms of Use by email, the bulletin board in the service, or any other method. 

The operator may provide notice or guidance on the operating policy separately if necessary, and if these Terms of Use overlap with the operating policy, the operating policy takes precedence.

Members who agree to these Terms of Use and sign up for membership are subject to the agreed upon terms and conditions from the time they agree to the Terms of Use, and if there is a change in the Terms of Use, they are subject to the changed terms and conditions from the time the change takes effect. 

The Company may change these Terms of Use if deemed necessary. When the Terms of Use are changed, the Company determines the details of the changed terms and conditions and the effective date, and announces them on the website up to seven days before the effective date (however, 30 days before if the changes are significant or unfavorable to members); members are notified of changes via e-mail. The changed Terms of Use take effect from the effective date of publication or notification. 

Members who do not agree to changes in these Terms of Use may stop using the service and terminate the use contract (withdrawal of membership). Members who do not withdraw from membership by the effective date of the Terms of Use are deemed to have agreed to the revised terms and conditions.


Article 4 (Regulations Other than the Terms of Use)


The Company may provide separate terms and conditions and regulations for each individual service depending on the characteristics of the service, and if the terms and conditions of each service conflict with these Terms of Use, the terms and conditions of each service take precedence over these Terms of Use. 

For matters not specified in these Terms of Use, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce (hereinafter ‘Electronic Commerce Act’), the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter ‘Information and Communications Network Act’), the Contents Industry Promotion Act, the Regulation of Terms and Conditions Act and related laws or commercial customs, as well as separate terms and conditions for services provided by the Company, use regulations, etc., are followed.



Article 5 (Establishment of a Use Contract)

In the use contract, a member who wants to use the services provided by the Company agrees to the contents of these Terms of Use, and then applies for use according to the form and procedure presented by the Company. Use contracts are established between the Company and the members by the Company's consent to the application. 

The expression of consent to these Terms of Use is completed by checking the consent of these Terms of Use when a person who wants to use the service applies for use. 

The Company uses cookie information to check whether a user revisits after his/her first visit, and we do not collect or store information that can identify any other user except by combining the information provided in the course of providing service to the user with the cookie value. 

All information entered in the online application form is regarded as real data, and members who do not enter their real name or actual information cannot receive legal protection.


Article 6 (Application for Service Use)


Application for use is made by recording all information (user ID, password, nickname, phone number, etc.) requested from the user on the member sign-up screen of the homepage (or user registration screen of the service) on the sign-up application form. 

Members who have not registered their true information, such as by stealing other people's information or registering false information, cannot claim any rights in relation to the use of the Site, and may be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. 

If the member applying for use is a minor or incompetent, the applicant and the person in charge of payment must act as a parent or legal representative to apply for use.



Article 7 (Service Hours)


In principle, service hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless there is a special business or technical problem. 

However, the Company may temporarily or permanently suspend the service without prior notice or notice in the following cases. 

 1) In the event of an urgent system inspection, extension, replacement, failure or malfunction. 

 2) Where there are unavoidable reasons such as a national emergency, a power outage, a natural disaster, etc.; 

 3) Where a key telecommunications service provider prescribed in the Telecommunications Business Act suspends telecommunications services; 

 4) Where there is a problem with the normal use of services due to the congestion of service use, etc.; 

In the case of a service interruption under the preceding paragraph, the Site shall notify the members in advance through a notice, etc. However, if prior notice is not possible for service interruptions due to reasons beyond the control of the Site, this will be replaced by a post-notice.


Article 8 (Termination of Service)


① If a member intends to terminate the service use contract, he/she must apply for termination of registration online. Meanwhile, you must separately terminate the service use contract separately from the use of the service.

② The service-related program provided by the Company is automatically deleted from the member management screen at the same time as the application for termination is made, so the operator can no longer view the information of the termination applicant.


Article 9 (Restrictions on the Use of Services)


① The Company may suspend or restrict the use of services without prior notice if any of the following reasons occur to the user:

1) Where it constitutes an act that hinders the social public interest, is contrary to customs, or is otherwise illegal communication;

2) Acts that damage the reputation of others or give disadvantages to others

3) The collection, storage, or disclosure of personal information about other members without their consent;

4) Transmission of large amounts of information, hacking (cracking), dissemination of computer virus programs, and transmission or mediation of advertising information that may hinder stable service operation, etc.

5) Copying, disassembling, imitating or otherwise transforming the service through reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly, or any other processing activities

6) An act of posting, e-mailing, or otherwise transmitting advertisements, spam mails, chain letters, multi-level marketing, or other forms of solicitation that have not been approved by the Company

7) Posting, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting content that infringes on another person's patent, trademark, trade secret, right worth protecting, copyright, or other intellectual property right

8) Where false information is registered at the time of membership registration and application for use or when information is changed after registration

9) Interfering with the use of services by others or stealing IDs or names

10) An act of impersonating the Site's management, staff, or related persons

11) Infringement of the personal or intellectual property rights of the Site or other third party or obstruction of business;

12) An act that is objectively judged to be related to a crime

13) In the case of a violation of other related laws or conditions of use set forth in these Terms of Use

② If a member intends to terminate the service use contract, he/she must apply for termination from the Company on the Site (limited to cases where the company allows him/her to terminate it separately through the website) or by a separate use method determined by the company.

1) The Company may terminate the use contract or suspend the use of the service without prior notice if the member fails to fulfill the user obligations prescribed in Article 11. In this case, the member may file an objection according to the procedure set by the company, and the Company will immediately resume the service if the objection is justified and acknowledged.

2) The Company may restrict the use of services according to a member's qualifications even after the member has entered into a use contract and has been given an ID and password.



Article 10 (Obligations of the Company)


① The Company provides 24/7 service (24 hours/365 days) unless there is a business or technical problem. However, regular or non-regular inspection hours for service stabilization are excluded.

② If an opinion or complaint raised by a member is recognized as legitimate, the Company must deal with it immediately. However, if it is difficult to process immediately, we will do our best to notify the member of the reason and processing schedule by e-mail or telephone.

③ In order to provide continuous and stable service, the Company must do its best to repair or restore its facilities without delay when there is a failure or loss of equipment. However, in the event of a natural disaster or unavoidable reasons for the service or operator, the operation of the service may be temporarily suspended.

④ The Company cannot distribute member information obtained in relation to service provision to others without prior consent from the member. However, it can be used exceptionally when requested by related organizations based on laws, or when the Company notifies the member of delinquent payment of usage fees for a period set by the Company and provides the information to credit information service providers or credit information concentration institutions.



Article 11 (Obligations of Users)


① The user must comply with the matters notified by the Company and related laws, such as the matters stipulated in these Terms of Use, various regulations set by the operator, notices and operating policies, and other acts that interfere with the work of the Site and damage the reputation of the Site.

② The user cannot transfer or give the right to use services or other statuses under the use contract to another person without the express consent of the Site, and cannot provide such as collateral.

③ Users must pay great attention to managing their ID and password, and cannot provide their ID to a third party without the consent of the operator or the Site.

④ Users must not infringe on the rights of others, such as copyrights of operators, companies, or third parties.

⑤ Users must not disseminate information, sentences, figures, etc., that violate public order and morals to others and violate other related laws and regulations.

⑥ Users cannot engage in business activities to sell illegal products using the company‘s services, and in particular, hacking, money-making advertisements, commercial activities through obscene sites, and illegal distribution of commercial software are prohibited. The Company does not take responsibility for the results and losses of sales activities caused by violations or legal measures such as criminal punishment. 

Article 12 (Protection of Personal Information)


① The Company strives to protect its members' personal information, including member registration information, in accordance with relevant laws such as the 'Personal Information Protection Act.' ② The Site and operator do not have passwords among the personal information provided at the time of membership registration, and the related parts follow the Company's "Personal Information Processing Policy." ③ Regarding the protection of the member's personal information, the relevant laws and the Company's Personal Information Processing Policy apply. However, the Company's privacy policy does not apply to sites linked from the web other than the Company's official website. In addition, the Company does not take any responsibility for information exposed due to reasons attributable to members.  



Article 13 (Consent to the Use of Member Information)


① The member agrees to the Company's Personal Information Processing Policy, and the Company uses the member's personal information for the purpose of fulfilling this use contract and providing services under this use contract.

② In order to verify the member's real name, the Company may provide the information entered by the Company to a credit information company that the Company has separately contracted with without the member's prior consent to verify the member's real name.

③ The Company may create and use statistics on the personal information of all or some of the members in relation to work, and may transmit cookies to the member's computer through the service. In this case, members can change the settings in their computer browser to refuse to receive cookies or be warned about receiving cookies. However, the personal information collected in this way is used only as overall statistical data.



Article 14 (Consent to Use of Web Logs)


① The Company may collect web logs of users who visit the service website, create statistics, and use them, and take the following measures for collection and statistics on web logs.

1) Inserting a script into the website to collect the user's web log

② Web logs do not include user personal information (name, age, resident registration number, etc.), but only non-personal information such as visit records and movement routes for analyzing user usage patterns.



Article 15 (Provision of Information and Posting of Advertisements)


① The Company may provide members with various information deemed necessary while using the service through notices, pop-ups, e-mails, etc. However, members can refuse to receive information at any time through e-mail, etc.

② The Company may post advertisements on the service screen, homepage, e-mail, etc., in relation to the operation of the service. Members who receive emails with advertisements can refuse to receive them from the Company.

③ The services provided by the Company may include various types of advertisements such as banners and links, which may link to pages provided by third parties. Accordingly, if the page is connected to a page provided by a third party, the page is not the Company's service area, so the Company does not guarantee reliability, stability, etc., and the Company is not responsible for any damage to the member.



Article 16 (Deletion of Posts or Contents)


① The Company is responsible for the management and operation of posts and materials written by the Company. The Company should periodically monitor bad postings and materials, and if bad postings and materials are discovered or reported, the Company must delete the postings and materials and give notice to the member who posted them.

② Users are responsible for their posts and the materials they post, so users should not post material that violate these Terms of Use.

③ The Company may delete or reject registration without prior notice if it deems any of the content (including member-to-member delivery) in the service posted or delivered by the member to fall under any of the following cases, and the Company shall not take any responsibility for this.

1) In the case of content that slanders the Company, other members or third parties, or damages their reputation through slander

2) In the case of dissemination of information, sentences, figures, etc., that violate public order and morals

3) If the content is recognized as being related to criminal activity

4) In the case of content that infringes on other rights, such as the copyrights of the Company or a third party

5) If the content is not related to the service provided by the Company

6) In the case of posting unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements or promotional materials

7) If the content was written by stealing another person's ID or name without permission, or if the information entered by another person was forged or falsified without permission

8) If the same content is posted multiple times, which goes against the purpose of posting

9) Where it is deemed to fall under illegal communication or to violate other relevant laws, regulations, guidelines of the company, etc.;

④ The Company may separately determine and implement detailed usage guidelines related to posts, and members shall register or delete each post (including delivery between members) in accordance with the guidelines. 


Article 17 (Copyright of Posts)


① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for works created by the Company belong to the Company. The copyright of the posts posted by members within the service belongs to the copyright holder.

② The Company cannot use posts commercially without the consent of the publisher. However, this is not the case for non-profit purposes, and the Company also has the right to post within the service.

③ Members cannot use the information obtained while using the service for commercial purposes without the consent of the Company, or arbitrarily process or sell the information posted on the service for commercial use, and cannot allow a third party to use it.

④ Members shall not modify, lend, sell, distribute, produce, transfer, re-license, establish security rights, or commercially use any or all of the Company's works, and shall not allow third parties to do so.

1) Reproduction, modification, exhibition, distribution, publication, and preparation of secondary and edited works, etc., of member posts within the service;

2) Provision of members' posts to and their use by service affiliate partners such as media and telecommunication companies

3) Other purpose for the Company's public relations, etc.

⑤ The granting of the right to use in the preceding paragraph is valid while the Company operates the service, and continues to apply even after the member withdraws unless there is a separate request from the member.



Article 18 (Suspension of Service)


① The Company may limit or suspend all or part of the service in the following cases.1) Where a key telecommunication business operator prescribed in the Telecommunications Business Act suspends telecommunication services;

2) Where it is unavoidable due to construction work, such as maintenance and regular inspection of service facilities;

3) Where there is a problem with the normal use of services due to power failure, failure of all facilities, or congestion of the amount of use;

4) Where there are unavoidable reasons, such as natural disasters, national emergencies, etc.

5) Where it is deemed necessary to suspend the service due to other company's business or technical reasons;

② In the event of a service interruption, the Company will notify members in advance by e-mail, in-service bulletin boards, or other means. However, if prior notice is not possible due to service interruption for reasons beyond the Company's control, members may be notified later on the homepage or individual service-related pages.

③ The Company is not responsible for any damages to members due to temporary suspensions of service for the reasons in paragraph 1 of this article.



Article 19 (Compensation for Damages)


① The Company does not take any responsibility for damages incurred during the period of free service (including testing purposes) or damages incurred to members in connection with the use of free service.

② If the Company receives any objections, including claims for damages or lawsuits, from a third party other than a member due to an illegal act or violation of these Terms of Use by the member while using the service, the member shall bear the responsibility and expense. The Company must be indemnified, and if the company is not indemnified, the member must compensate the Company for all damages caused to the Company.



Article 20 (Exemptions)


① The Company is not responsible for the provision of the service if it is unable to provide the service due to force majeure such as a national emergency, natural disaster or equivalent national emergency.

② The Company shall not be held liable for service failure due to reasons attributable to the member, such as the member's intention or negligence. ③ Due to the nature of the telecommunication service, the Company shall not be held liable if the service cannot be provided due to unavoidable reasons, or if the service is temporarily suspended due to changes, replacements, or updates of the service provision-related system. ④ The Company is not responsible for system failures that occur intentionally or due to significant negligence equivalent to intentional, system failures due to attacks by third parties, the distribution of computer viruses, etc., whose countermeasures have not been developed by renowned domestic and foreign research institutes or security-related companies, or other force majeure reasons beyond the control of the operator. ⑤ If the service is terminated due to reasons attributable to the member, and the member's information is lost, we are not responsible. ⑥ The Company shall not be responsible for any material stored, posted or transmitted by the members. ⑦ The Company does not take responsibility in the event that a member does not obtain the expected profit from the company's service provision, or if damage is caused by the selection or use of potential value or service data accompanying the service. ⑧ The Company is exempted from responsibility for the authenticity, reliability, and accuracy of the data and does not take responsibility for the materials posted, stored, or transmitted by members (including the reliability and accuracy of information and materials, all viruses, spyware and other malicious programs, and other problems arising from the materials) and all information that members can receive through this Site. ⑨ The Company is not responsible for any activities (including data transmission and other community activities) between members, between members and third parties, or with other members whether inside or outside this service, and is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from transactions through the Company‘s services.

⑩ The Company has no obligation to intervene in any disputes arising between members and third parties through the service, and is not responsible for compensating for damages caused therefrom.



Article 21 (Dispute Resolution)

The members and the Company shall conscientiously consult with each other in order to amicably resolve problems that arise in relation to the use of the service. 

Notwithstanding the consultation under paragraph 1 of this Article, if a lawsuit is filed due to a dispute, the court where the Company is located shall be the competent court.

The laws of the Republic of Korea apply to lawsuits filed between the Company and members.



Supplementary Provisions

These Terms of Use will take effect on November 10, 2022.